Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Plate for Advance Photography

I'm not really into any other kind of photography other than portrait.
 Photographed and Styled: Gabe Garrovillas
Model: Emmanuel Maningas
Button down from Oxygen, Red Chino Pants from Cotton On, Vintage Belt from Levis

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Same Old Palette

I decided to add a fashion content on this blog. Basically what I wore to school everyday, lol not everyday, if I have some time to squeeze it in.

Decided to put on some layers since it's kinda getting cold here in Manila due to rain.

Hype this look at

Graphic Button-down Shirt from Topman | Brown Pullover from Banana Republic |
Low Crotch Cropped Pants | Gold Vintage Watch from Casio | Satchel from Ichigo |
Vintage Shoes from Bally

Most of the things I wore today are vintage except from this one. Got it as gift from my cousin.

Got the shoes from my old man. Perks of having the same shoes size and it's really vintage haha! And my pants aren't really mine, it's from my grandma. She's really fashionable and we have the same waist line, 28, so it's easy to get some goods from her closet.

So much for my first fashion post.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Anne Curtis inspired sketch.

A 15 minute sketch inspired by Anne Curtis.

And I tried coloring it... meh. Hahaha! Used Adobe Photoshop to color it.